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Let your spirit meet the masterpieces to uplift you

Vatican, the smallest country with its stunning masterpieces, is a therapy for your soul as even if you have no religious inclination, you would find a number of things to evoke the artist in you. St. Peters Basilica, the most famous landmark of Vatican, would take you not only on a religious journey; it showcases some of the masterpieces right at the entrance. Bernini’s creation, the statue of Constantine, would showcase itself at the portico and Giotto is also there with his own art. Pieta, the famous creation of Michael Angelo adorns one of the areas while the Chapel of Sacrament with Borromini and Bernini creations are also there to keep you in awe. You must include the place in your Europe holiday package.

1Renaissance painting achieves its august point on the walls of Sistine Chapel and the frescoes by the genius Michael Angelo would mesmerize you and take you to another level of soul searching. The works of other creative powerhouses are also there including that of Perugino, Rosselli, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio and Signorelli. You can see the passion of Michael Angelo on the ceilings also and you would see how he visualized the separation of light from darkness by god. The walls and frescos in the Sistine Chapel are considered as the greatest achievements of artistic work in Europe and you must include the place in your Europe tour package to understand what made them so passionate to come out with such amazing works. You must plan you Europe package carefully so that time constraint doesn’t hinder you from exploring such beautiful works of art.

Pinacoteca is another gallery that would take you to the tour of artworks of different eras in chronological order. Though Napoleon robbed many of its great treasures, the place has sixteen rooms full of works of art from middle ages to the present era. The medieval paintings from different areas like Tuscan and Byzantine would take you to the journey of the thought process of the era. It also has St. Jerome, the unfinished work of Leonardo da Vinci. Raphael Rooms, as the name signifies, has series of frescoes by Raphael and you would see the course of history in his works and it signifies the dawn of an era in the art scene of the world. Your Europe tour must include the place in its itinerary.

The religious in you would love to go to Vatican but even if religious themes do not touch your heart, you should explore Vatican for sheer joy of looking at art works that change the course of history. As for planning your trip, SOTC is there for you.

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