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Let your spirit meet the masterpieces to uplift you

Vatican, the smallest country with its stunning masterpieces, is a therapy for your soul as even if you have no religious inclination, you would find a number of things to evoke the artist in you. St. Peters Basilica, the most famous landmark of Vatican, would take you not only on …

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Watch the manifestation of pure beauty in Europe

Russia, one of the friendliest nations for India and still less explored as a tourist destinations by Indians deserves our attention. Its sheer size makes sure that the natural beauty of the country remains unadulterated and when you see the pristine surroundings of the country, you would be in awe …

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Things to do in Vancouver for free

A 2012 report of the Economist Intelligence Unit, Vancouver, voted British Columbia as the most expensive city in the North American continent. However, the locals who tighten their belts and other budget travelers can still have a great time in the largest metropolis in western Canada.

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Nature & Wildlife in Fuerteventura

In May of the year 2009, the Spanish island Fuerteventura was given the status Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO because the island is very unique and full of rare birds and plants, many of which are only found on the island itself.  UNESCO Biosphere Reserves are vast and extensive studies that …

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Top Attractions to Visit in Liverpool


There’s nowhere quite like Liverpool. In the past decade, the city has transformed into a must-visit destination, thanks to an amazing regeneration scheme following their crown as European Capital of Culture 2008. Forget Manchester and London, this is one city you just have to place on your bucket list. The …

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Exploring Normandy? Here’s Where You Need To Go!

Located along the English Channel coast on the northwestern part of Paris, Normandy is characterized by green landscapes, apple orchards, fresh cheeses, and seaside cliffs. Normandy experiences temperate weather throughout the year and is, therefore, a great place to visit at any time.

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What You Need To Know About Australia

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to book your tickets. However, you need to have a clear understanding as to when you should go, where all you can go and how you can get around. Australia is a vast country with tropical climate in the …

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Learning To Cook in Marrakesh

There is one type of travel that has grown in popularity recently and that is experiential travel. Experiential travel involves people who don’t just want to go to an exotic location just for the weather, they want to go and experience or learn a new skill.

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