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Travel Tips For a Holiday in Menorca

As with many of the islands in the Mediterranean, Menorca has a rich and interesting history. The island was occupied by the Carthaginians, the British, the Romans and the Moors at various times throughout history. Each of these dominant powers left their mark on the island, which has helped to create the diverse culture that we see today.

Menorca has been a popular place for sun seekers since the 50’s, but has somehow avoided masses of crowds, which makes it one of the places where you can enjoy a relaxing holiday with a difference. There is so much to see and do on this island, which is why you need to know how to make the most of your stay. Follow these tips to get all that you can out of your holiday to Menorca.


Get some culture

As tempting as it may be to spend your entire holiday soaking up the sun on the beach, no trip to Menorca would be complete without having explored some of the 2000 years of history that made it what is today. The two largest cities on the island are Mahon and Ciutadella, which were both founded by the Carthaginians. As you walk down their winding streets you will find many architectural gems including an 18th century military governor’s house and an Arabian palace. The prehistoric Es Tudons burial site and the En Goumes Tower are among the best preserved ancient sites, and where you want to be if you want to explore further back in history.

Get out and see what is on offer

The main cities are the obvious places to visit, but if you are looking for something special, then you need to venture off the beaten track.

There are a couple of  tour operators who run trips around the island, which is great if you do not have much spare time or do not feel like organizing anything. They stop off at some of the main sights. Tours will take you to some typical fishing villages, allow you to try the local cuisine and take the time to enjoy one of Menorca’s famous horse shows. The best way by far to discover the hidden side of the island is to get out on your own. Rent a car, buy a map and get going!

Go to the northern coast if you are looking for more deserted beaches. They are less developed than the beaches in the south.  There are rugged coastlines and secluded coves for you to ‘hide’ out in. Stop in at the villages you pass on your way to try the seafood the region is famous for.

The festivals in Menorca

People in Spain are always up for a good old fiesta. If you are in Menorca in summer, you will more than likely going to be lucky enough to experience one of them.

The festival of St Joan, held at the end of June, is the biggest festival of the season. The festival starts with a man dressed in sheepskins. It may be odd, but it attracts crowds from all over Spain and the world. This is then followed by a few days of celebrations and fun, fun and more fun. The other festivals are the Feast of the Assumption on 15th August and the Catalonian Nation Day on 11th September. You must try to make sure that you arrive here when the festivals are on the go.

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