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Watch the manifestation of pure beauty in Europe

Russia, one of the friendliest nations for India and still less explored as a tourist destinations by Indians deserves our attention. Its sheer size makes sure that the natural beauty of the country remains unadulterated and when you see the pristine surroundings of the country, you would be in awe of the nation. Russia deserves its inclusion in your Europe holiday package. Start your journey on Trans Siberian Railway and along the way, you would be exposed to such natural beauty that you would want the journey to continue for longer period. Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, is the place the adventurous soul in you would love to explore. Though the mountain is of volcanic origin, it remains dormant in all recorded history and whether you are an experienced climber or a novice one, you would enjoy the climb. There is cable car system that would take visitors to around four thousand metres and the mesmerizing vista you would see there would take your breath away. The Valley of Geysers is also there and when you see the vast field of vapours coming out of the earth, you would take a bow to nature and her wonders. Your Europe package must include the visit to the valley in its itinerary.


One place that would take you to a different era in Russia is Kizhi Island. Located in Karelia bordering Finland, the island has a number of wooden houses, barns and windmills that would remind you of the peasant culture and you would love the simplicity of life represented there. One of the prime attractions in the island is Open Air Museum and its collection of hundred-twenty feet high church of twenty-two domes. Make sure that you include the place in your Europe tour package. Another beautiful religious place that you must visit in Russia on your Europe tour is Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod. Five domes adorn it and the cathedral is considered as the oldest church structure in Russia. It has a number of artifacts in it and ‘The Mother God of the Sign’ is the one icon that is considered as the most important and it is said that it is this sign that saved Novgorod from attack in 1169 AD. The gates of the cathedral are also considered to be of antiquity and the visit to the place would make you feel as if you are in pristine abode of god.

Russia, with its vast land, is a gem in Europe and you must visit the country as soon as you can. You can rely on SOTC to create a customized Europe package to suit your convenience.

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