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Why most people fly to London once in their life?

If you dream to visit the city of London, you’d know your own reasons for loving it. It could be the feeling of royalty, Christmas time, winter season, or extravagant shopping options. Here, we are going to list some of the reasons that makes London a desirable tourist’s city. These might add a few to your bucket list or you might love to fly down here anyway!

Reasons to visit London

  1. Love for theatre

After Broadway in New York, London is another destination where you’d find the best of performing arts. Find out all about stage shows and live performances from phones-number.co.uk and book early tickets to secure your seats. There are many theatre spaces in the West End, so grab the tickets to the ultimate entertainment.

  1. Cruising across the Thames

The Thames River is not just a prominent attraction but takes you through some of the most interesting spots of the city. If you cruise on a boat, you’d go past some of the iconic elements of London. Choose your canals like the Regent’s or Little Venice to explore more than what the city offers.

  1. Exploring the new and the old

From the London Eye offering a spectacular range of museums of the West End to the modern day Madame Tussauds – there is so much to see. Go past the Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament or simply invest in a walking tour to known these places intricately.

  1. Shop till you drop

London offers you the trendiest styles of the world. From boutique at the West End to flagship outlets on Oxford St. there are hundreds of shopping spaces all around. You can also hop around the markets of Portobello Road to find traditional clothes.

  1. Budget-friendly sightseeing

London is definitely an expensive city compared to many other places in the world, but you can cut on costs. If you are history buff, this is the perfect place to come to. Most government museums offer free entry – You can spend time in the National History Museum, Science Museum, British Museum and the National Gallery for free.

  1. Comfortable commuting

From kayaking on the Thames to taking an open deck bus ride, the city gives you exciting commuting options. Many people walk from one place to have an up-close look at every interesting spot. You won’t find your knees aching as you’d be so engrossed in exploring such places.

  1. The food

You ought to try some of the staples to eat like a local. From duck and waffles to fish and chips – London has a lot in store in terms of food. Try out a traditional English breakfast before you set out for your sightseeing tour. Grab chicken and ham sandwiches on the go and indulge into the cheesy delight. Finally, don’t miss out on a banoffee pie and nutmeg custard tarts.

London has something to make every visitor happy and feel like their trip was worth the time and expenditure. Find out more reasons to come to the capital city of the UK and have the best time of your life!

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